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Alan Kaplan - Mutes Part 2

More good advice.

Alan Kaplan - Mutes!

Interesting advice.

Andy Martin - Bone Master!

I love th way andy plays - ice duet.

Bob McChesney - Imrov.

If you haven’t noticed. I found a new site. Bone Masters:

Scott Whitfield - flexibilty

Marvelous. Important advice.

Jim Mcmillen - Fretting!

Cool - it’s interesting thinking another key, but playing it on another part on the horn. Multi-purposing your licks on key to another.

Steve Armour - Giant Steps!

Interesting approach to improvising. Worth the effort. Listening, that’s the key.

Craig Gosnell - Wow!

Fantastic! enjoy the interiew after the excerpt.

Eleanor Rigby

Another one from my childhood. This off the first album I ever owned. Live in LA


Recent Crusaders, circa 2015 Rural Renewal

Stomp & Buck Dance

From my childhood - Jazz Crusaders, Wilton, Wayne, Joe and the gang!

A Rhyme This Time

One of my favorite Al Jarreau Cuts. I believe written by Earl Klugh (Guitar)

Undecided Now

Interesting arrangement of this song. I had never heard the verse before. Nice arrangement by Cecil Bridgewater.

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