Sheley Musical Services

I just Can't Stop!

884 Don't Rain On My Parade Trp/Bone/Alto/Tenor From Funny Girl - Vocal in D NEW

Keep 'em Comin'

724 I Go To Rio Trp/Trombone/Alto/Tenor Peter Allen! - Vocal in Ab NEW!
725 I Yi Yi Yi, I Love You Very Much Trp/Trombone/Alto/Tenor Carmen Miranda - Vcl in Bb NEW!
726 Cheek to Cheek Trp/Trombone/Alto/Tenor Jane Monheit. - Vocal in F NEW!
727 The Creep Trp/Trombone/Tenor/Bari - Radiohead! - Vocal in F NEW!
There's Always Tomorrow Trp/Trombone/Alto/Tenor(Flute) From Peter Pan- Vocal in D NEW!

New "Pop" tunes!

Sundown Trp/Trombone/Tenor/Bari - Gordon Lightfoot - Vocal in F NEW!

714 Escape (Pina Colda Song) Trp/Trombone/Alto/Tenor - Rupert Holmes - Vocal in C NEW!

Goodbye to Love Trp/Trombone/Tenor/Bari - Carpenters! - Vocal in Bb NEW!

730 Goodbye Girl Trp/Trombone/Tenor/Bari - David Gates Tune - Vocal in Eb NEW!

Sheley Musical Services