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Vocal Lead Sheets
*Melody, chords and up to 2 sets of lyrics (w/transposition) $15.00 per/pg
*Melody & chords (w/transposition) $10.00/pg (Sample)
*Chord sheet only (w/transposition) $5.00/pg (Sample)
*Professionally arranged intros/endings +$10.00/per song
*reprints (including key change) $2.50/pg
* Vocalist name printed on top of page
*The sheets are delivered as a “pdf” via email

Lead Sheet Sets (C-Bb-Eb) $25.00 per/pg
C parts (Rhythm/Flute/Trombone)
Bb parts (Trumpet/Tenor Sax)
Eb parts (Alto/Bari Saxes)

Part Copying
*Single line (w/transposition) $7.50/pg
*Divisi (2 or more lines (w/transposition) $15.00/pg
*w/lyrics added (per set) +$2.50/pg
*8.5 x 11 page / 8 lines (page 1) / 9 lines per/pg (additional pages)
*4-6 measures per line / key signatures each line
*The sheets are delivered as a “pdf” via email
Contact Copyist with any questions or concerns.

Score Reductions
I can take your arrangements and reduce the size from Big Band to 9-pieces or even 6 or 7 pieces. I have a lot of experience doing this and can make 4, 5 or 6 horns sound “Full” just like the original 13 horns. Occasionally, on heavily scored arrangements 3 or 4 horns just can’t cover all the music. I will advise you when that is the case. Just send me the score and I will let you know if there is a problem. The prices below are for a typical 132-144 measure chart. Send me an email for a price quote if the arrangement is longer.

You provide the original score. Price includes pdf copies of the reduced horn parts. You use the original rhythm parts.

1. enter score into finale
2. reduce/re-score the horn parts
3. print and format the parts to pdf
4. deliver by email (pdf)
• Big Band (13 horns) to 9-piece (6 horns) $50.00/chart
• Big Band (13 horns) to 7 or 8 pieces (4 or 5 horns) $35.00/chart
• 9-piece (6 horns) to 6 or 7 pieces (3 or 4 horns) $25.00/chart
• 7-piece (4 horns) to 5 or 6 pieces (2 or 3 horns) $20.00/chart


*Contact the arranger for a quote on your project. Big Band, Orchestra, Small ensembles.

*All of the above (this page), prepared using Coda Music's Finale Notation Software.

Sheley Musical Services