Sheley Musical Services


The monthly fee is for 4 lessons per month.  If there are 5 lessons possible in a month, the 5th will be used for makeups. I will need a minimum of 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson. No lesson will be rescheduled, without the 24 hr notice. If there is a family emergency or illness please let me know asap. Occasionally I am required to perform during the scheduled lesson time. If I am unable to make a lesson, you will be notified in advance and a makeup will be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time.

• 30 min. lesson - $20.00 per session or $80.00 per month (4 sessions)
• 60 min. lesson - $30.00 per session or $120.00 per month (4 sessions)

Payment for the month is expected up front, unless a payment plan is worked out ahead of time. I understand budgetary difficulties and will work with you, if needed.

The student is expected to bring his or her instrument home from school every night, including the weekends, for practice. If they are to gain benefit from these lessons, a practice routine must be setup and utilized. For beginners, 20-30 mins per day, every day, is expected. For intermediate level students , 30-45 mins per day and for advanced students, 45 mins-1 hr every day. The student cannot expect to progress unless he or she is practicing regularly. Band rehearsal does not count towards this practice time. For the college bound, music major a minimum of 90 mins is required. Serious students will find time for extra practice. Suggested practice time is 2 hrs.+

Listening & Ear Training
Listening to music is essential for the student’s development. I will provide some musical examples at no charge to them, but they will be encouraged to purchase other audio Cd’s and recordings on their own to further their development. There is a considerable amount of recorded materials available for today’s student and they should be utilized. I will provide a discography of the suggested  musical examples. In addition, I will notify the student of any local performances of accomplished musicians and encourage attendance.

Sheley Musical Services