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Required Materials
The student will be given some materials at no charge, but will be expected to purchase others, including methods book, solo materials, and instrument accessories. I will guide you in these purchases. Many of the materials are available here in Rockford at Guzzardo’s Music. Others can be purchased online. I will provide assistance where needed. The student will be provided with a introductory “booklet” with a warmup routine and some musical examples appropriate for their playing level. 

Below is a list of required materials for the lessons. The students may already have some of these materials :

1) Folder (8.5 x 11) or (9x12) (w/open pockets)

2) Slide Lubricant (trombone) - the following brands are acceptable: superslick, trombotine or slide-o-mix (slide oil may be simpler to apply, but in my opinion it is inferior in performance) and a small “misting” water sprayer to carry in their case. The bottle should "mist" water not spray a stream. They are available anywhere they sell the slide lubricant.  Any “misting” type bottle will work, but it needs to be carried in the trombone case, so it must be small. I’ve seen small bottles at Wal-Mart and K-Mart for less than a dollar. Recently I’ve discovered Yamaha Slide Oil. It comes in a small tube and works well - I think the term slide oil is a misnomer, but it works well and is acceptable. Valve Oil is needed for trumpet, euphonium and tuba students)

3) Metronome - small and portable is the best, but a larger one, if already owned, is exceptable. The student is expected to use it while practicing. They are available for about $15-20. You can also get an a Metronome App. for an iPhone or Razor

4) Horn Maintenance Kit, these may be bought pre-assembled or you can make your own. They must include a slide cleaning rod (snake for trumpet), tuning slide grease, and a small mouthpiece brush. As stated above I can assist in obtaining these materials.

5) Methods Books, After the first lesson, I will suggest the book or books we will work from. The materials I use depend upon the students current level. For a beginner (trombone), they will need Rubank’s “Elementary Method for Trombone”. Also a wirebound Manuscript book of staff paper. I will at times write down an example in their book to better illustrate an idea or technique.
Sheley Musical Services