Sheley Musical Services
Question:  How much are lessons going to cost?
Answer: The lessons are billed by the month and payment is required at the beginning of the month. The charge is $60.00/month for 4 (1/2 hr sessions) or $100.00/month for 4 (1 hr sessions). For my adult students, I will accept payment by the session.

Question:  What time and on what days do you teach?
Answer: I am currently teaching on Tue. & Wed. evenings starting at 4:00 PM. Please contact me and we can work out a time for you. I am currently accepting new students.

Question:  Do you take beginners and/or what level students do you accept?
Answer: I accept students of all ages and levels. The youngest student I have taught was in 3rd grade and my oldest student was well into his 60's. I teach raw beginners on up to college level students.

Question:  What is your background? What are your qualifications?
Answer: I hold a B.M in Musical Performance from Millikin University in Decatur, IL and a M.M. in Musical Performance from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL. I have 3 years experience at the grade school level (4-8 grade band) and also 3 years of experience teaching jazz band at the university level. I have spent over 25 years playing professionally, travelling literally around the world. I have performed in all 50 States, Central & South America, Europe, Scandinavia, Canada, Africa, India, Southeast Asia, Russia, China & Japan. I have taught privately periodically over the last 25 years, when I wasn't travelling. I have performed with a Barry Manilow, Mel Torme, Louie Bellson, Clark Terry, Bobby Shew, Carl Fontana, Andy Williams, Donald O'Conner, Mickey Rooney,  the Glenn Miller, Jimmy Dorsey, Harry James and Dick Juergens Orchestras. Locally I lead the Little Big Band from Rockford and I am a member of Grupo Candela (Latin Band) from Madison.

Question:  What books or materials is the student required to purchase?
Answer: A complete list is found in the "Lesson Plan". Not all of these materials will be needed at the beginning. I will let you know what books need to be purchased. Look under the heading "Required Materials" to see what other items will be needed.

Question:  How much does the student have to practice?
Answer: It depends upon their level. 20-30 minutes/day is expected from beginners. Generally as they progress more time spent practicing will be expected. The important point is that they practice something every day. That repetition is vital to their progress. The more they practice, the better player they become and then the more they want to practice. It feeds off of itself. 

Question:  Where do you teach?
Answer: I teach in my home. The studio is located at 1922 Rural St., Rockford, IL. Contact me for directions (815) 398-2848.

Question:  When can I start? 
Answer: We can discuss when you contact me, but generally right away. You don't have to start at the beginning of the month. I will prorate the 1st month.

Question:  What information do you need from me?
Answer: I will of course need the student's name, age and year in school. I will also need the parents names, phone numbers and home address for my records. I will need to know if the student has taken lessons before and for how long.  Before any books are purchased though, I will need to hear the student play so I can assess their level (done at 1st lesson).

Question:  Do you teach all Brass Instruments?
Answer: I primarily teach trombone, but frequently have trumpet, euphonium (baritone) and tuba students as well. For these other brass students I will teach them until the point when they need to take from a Trumpet Teacher/Performer. There are basic brass fundamentals that are shared and can be taught by any good teacher, but after a certain point there are insights that only such a teacher can provide to the student. That can take anywhere from a couple of years to as many as 4 or 5. It depends upon how fast the student is progressing.  I also teach Jazz Improvisation, Theory and Commercial Music Concepts in the private setting to students of any instrument. The student must have a basic working knowledge of their instrument. I will be teaching theory & improvisation not how to physically play the sax or bass, etc.
Sheley Musical Services